Bootle Street police station, soon to be part of hotel complex owned by Gary Neville, stands almost empty at the time of our visit. The remaining departments of the police force still here were packing up ready to move to their new home in the Town Hall. 

Andrew Brooks and I got to explore the site including a look around the old holding cells that have been closed for some years - no one seemed sure exactly how long. In fact no one seemed sure about who had been held here either (arrest records are only kept for a relatively short amount of time and none exist for this site anymore). I felt certain I'd stumble across stories of notorious criminals being held in the city centre location whilst researching Bootle Street but all I can say is that between opening and closing, though no one seems to know when either of those things occurred, all city centre arrests were directed here. Frustrating indeed.

What was striking about the building was the size of it. An administrative shade of beige is the only colour in the building and it makes each floor seem the same as the other. It all becomes one big streak of beige. 

In the basement of the building is a stripped gym room with a few weight machines still knocking around and an ironing board set up in the corner of the room. A window from this room leads to an exercise yard that has no doorway to it. Inmates couldn't have gotten to this part of the site, so it's a mystery why it's there.

A former games room is now a large empty space deep in the belly of the building on the way to the guns store - another empty room. We wander around Bootle Street for a while, with no idea what direction we're heading in or where we are in relation to street level. 

The police started in the town hall so they're returning home in a way.