A New Tour for September


September sees the revival of the two tour routes I developed for Manchester International Festival, as well as a new, slightly more experimental route.

September 10th - The Invisible City

Developed for MIF this tour looks at the many unseen layers of a city, becoming psychogeographers for 90 minutes, we’ll look for spies, secrets trysts, the city that lives above us, and how the Piccadilly and Austin Powers are connected. 

September 18th - Women of the Arts

Another MIF route. This is one that looks at the lesser-known women involved in Manchester’s art scene, whether they wanted to be or not! Whilst no one is particularly obscure they’re the stories of women we talk less than we should, or sometimes not at all. 

September 22nd - Follow the Buddleia

This is a completely new, and slightly experimental route. Hopefully, it will form part of a series over the coming year. Whether you see buddleia as a symbol of neglect, or of nature triumphing against the city, this is your chance to explore its trail across Ancoats, Collyhurst and Angel Meadows. We’ll use the flower to discover parts of the city you might have overlooked including the post-war art of William Mitchell, the stories of Alexandra Place, and the hunt for doorways along the river. This includes access to a derelict building and is another one of my honest tours. 

September 28th - The Modern History of the Northern Quarter

My most popular tour, using street art to discover how the area was redeveloped in the mid 90s. This is the tour that sparked my interest in honest tourism (known also as anti-tours), where the content is provoactive and encourages critical thinking and discussion about social and economic issues. If you can’t make it along in September then keep an eye out for the next litter-picking version of the tour, which is free provided you pick as we walk.