"One day I sat in the middle of a meadow, in the cold mud, not knowing whether to ever stand up and leave again. Pools of murky water filled my shoes through the holes in them and I imagined them becoming sodden and heavy and drawing me into the earth. I saw the dwindling winter light fade rapidly. I played with the idea of sitting there forever through the dark and cold and under the waning black moon, seeing the days pass and the moon grow full and milky again. I envied the birds that flitted from tree to tree."

I've written for the nature writing website Caught by the River a few times now; previously about Pomona - no surprise there, and more recently taking a look back in a very personal manner at my 2015. I'm quite proud of this piece and it will likely explain to my readers why things have been a little quiet of late. 

Please do take a look, and if you don't know CBTR then you're in for a treat: it's a beautiful website you could get lost in all day.

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