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Borders, Gaps, Bridges

  • Wonder Inn 29 Shudehill Manchester, M4 2AF United Kingdom (map)

Borders, Gaps, Bridges is a connector, a get-together, and catalyst for future collaborations and inspiration. Find out more about the As We Are Away festival program here:

Some of our presenters (mtba)

  • Ashley van Dyck (The Lost & Found Museum)
  • Ben Dorey (Producer, DJ & Writer)
  • Hayley Flynn (Skyliner)
  • Juliet Davis & Amy Lawrence (Legroom)

Between presentations there's space to explore the current exhibition curated by Ashley showcasing submissions to the ever growing collection of the Lost & Found Museum - exploring loss, discovery and ownership.

We invited Irma Vep and Trianglecuts to engage in a collaborative gig in the end of the night taking in the impressions of the "Lost & Found Museum" and sharing their interpretations in an acoustic session with the audience.


Details here