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Granadaland- Histories and Memories of Granada TV in the North West of England, 1954-1990

  • Manchester Metropolitan University Geoffrey Manton Building Manchester, M1 United Kingdom (map)

Granada Television began transmitting to the North of England in May 1956. Over the next 50 years it would build an international reputation on producing innovative and creative programmes, many of which boasted a pride in Manchester and the region. Stephen Kelly and Judith Jones have been recording the memories of those who worked for Granada over the years and in their talk will examine why the company became so identified with the region that the north west soon became known as Granadaland.

Judith Jones and Steve Kelly will talk about the history of Granada TV and their work on the Granadaland project, whihc has been carried out in association with the Manchester Centre for Regional History and the Granada Foundation. To find out more about the project and explore the interviews, please visit the Grandaland website,

Please join us for this talk on Wednesday 18 November 2015 at 6.30pm in Room 339, 3rd Floor, Geoffrey Manton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, Oxford Road, Manchester. All welcome.