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 Mending modernist mistakes - the regeneration of modern cityscapes

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Mending modernist mistakes - the regeneration of modern cityscapes

  • Benzie Building Higher Ormond St Manchester, M13 9RD United Kingdom

The influence of Modernism is still strong in contemporary architecture, but for all its virtues, Modernism also has its flaws. Many of the idealistic projects from the sixties and onwards have proved to be inadequate in terms of liveability. How can we approach existing buildings and housing projects to make them - and the surrounding areas - more people-friendly?

The Liveable City

A Danish-British Dialogue in Manchester - Exhibition and seminars

20 - 27 November at the Manchester School of Architecture


The Liveable City is a celebration of architecture and urban planning.  As Manchester gears up for the Stronger Together 2020 vision, we look at ways that planners, architects and local communities can play their part in the development of a dynamic, liveable city.

In cooperation with the Manchester School of Architecture, RIBA North West and other local partners the Danish Embassy in the UK invites businesses, politicians, professionals and the general public to take part in talks, seminars and debates.

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