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Pomona Picnic

  • Cornbrook Metrolink Station Manchester (map)


Plus a bird watching workshop from James Walsh of Ship Canal Conservation Network. 


Peel are currently tearing up the rare plant life down at Pomona again. This is likely so that the area can’t be classed as one of ecological interest and thus protected. What Peel could be doing is making this space into Manchester’s version of the Eden Project, making the most important and beautiful architecture and natural attraction in the country, or simply leaving it be to be enjoyed as it is but they’re intent on making flats on the land eventually. Manchester City Council are on a drive to make a greener city but they are working with Peel to create these flats on the Cornbrook side of the site (but no imminent plans are in place for the part they’re currently tearing up - which begs the question - why are they?)

We need to demonstrate how we love our green land, and this area of the city has something of a cult following and rightly so - it’s beautiful and idyllic and historically has been an area of leisure and greenery away from the city - originally marketed as the city’s countryside with no need for a train ride. Let’s bring that back! 

So let’s reclaim our space and show Peel we value it by having a little picnic in the path of the diggers! 

This Friday I’m arranging a protest picnic - come down to Pomona, feel free to bring any combination of the following:

  • a picnic blanket
  • some sandwiches and cake
  • a book
  • a radio
  • a camera
  • a fishing rod
  • a sketch book
  • an easel and a paint brush
  • a packet of seeds and a trowel
  • a guitar/a banjo
  • a hula hoop 
  • anything at all that shows how we can enjoy the space!

We want anything that shows how we want the space to remain one of leisure and recreation, even a blank canvas for arts and photography groups, sculptors, graffiti artists, tour groups, guerilla gardeners…and some musicians would be just lovely! 

If you have other plans that you could instead rearrange to Pomona please do - feel free to treat the land as a giant meeting room/class room for your colleagues, classmates, or playground for friends, family and community groups. The point of Friday is just using the space, hopefully publicising it enough so that more people realise what an asset it is.

I will provide as much cake as I can manage and I’ll be giving away bags of seeds for you to scatter as you leave.

Any people who can help in any way please let me know!

Let’s stop Peel (and unbelievably their company directors - Manchester City Council’s very own Sir Richard Leese and environmental director Bernard Priest) from tearing up bee orchids that exist in only 3 other parts of the region.

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Protest picnic from midday this Friday 21st March, and possibly again on Sat 22nd if successful (though Peel won’t be on site during the weekend).

James Walsh of the Ship Canal Conservation Network will be delivering a bird watching workshop at 12 - 1pm for all. 

Arts and camera groups encouraged. 

Best entrance to the site is from Cornbrook station, the gap in the fence in the right hand corner of this map image. Happy to meet people at Cornbrook metrolink; email for details 

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