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Pomona Picnic

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Pomona Picnic

  • Bridgewater Canal Towpath M15 4LW United Kingdom

Last year we held a Pomona Picnic to protest against the wildlife destruction on the land by Peel - this year we're hosting another picnic to protest against the new proposal. We have only been given two weeks notice to object to, frankly, a very unimaginative development for the site and no public consultation has been made. Not only does this site deserve something more imaginative (remember how we suggested an Eden Project for the North last time) but we need more fairness, and time to properly object. 

What we need most of all is for you to send in an objection, this will take you about 10-15 minutes unless you want to expand further. Details of how to object can be found here: OBJECTION GUIDE

Secondly please sign and share the petition: PETITION

Thirdly, come along to our picnic this Saturday and show your support. Bring sandwiches, cakes, dogs, family members, native seeds to scatter...the weather forecast looks good so come along and show how we can utilise the space. 

Someone will be at both Cornbrook and Pomona metrolink stations at 2pm to take you to the site - we'll be picnicing on a part of the site known as 'The Ordsall Beach' which is besides the green pedestrian bridge and arches for those making their own way there. 

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