Issue One of our Alternative Guide to Manchester is now available in print. The run is very limited and before I've been able to post this update half have already sold! We may be able to print more but the plan is to move on to new issues instead. 

"The guide is aimed at those who like to explore, take photos, learn a little about their surroundings, & for visitors who want to see places not on the tourist trail. This is about the real city & some of that might be dirty; it might sound disparaging in parts; it might make you wonder what the hell kind of awful person would write a guide to the 'dirtiest bits of the canals', but be assured this is all because I love the city & encourage you to explore beyond the shopping districts & bars - maybe then some of those areas will improve, in time. Maybe not. But along the way you'll see things that might interest you - an old gas lamp post, an old fire alarm bell, a plug socket on a bridge. If, that is, you find weird useless crap interesting."