Life in the 1900s

criminal manchester


Market Place:

Brush manufacturer, tea dealers, hosier, watchmakers, James Beresford restuurant keeper, Manchester Cotton Waste Dealers, fishmonger, tailors, seed merchant, oil merchants, bobbin manufacturer, wire worker, sign writer, Falstaff Hotel

Victoria Street

Old Shambles - thomas Eastham fishmongers (4 units) next door to John Wardley fishmonger. Wellington Inn. Jospeh sincalr fishmonger, aaron howard, fishmonger, james howarth, fishmonger, Comet Tavern landlord Alfred Aldred, Fox hotel (geroge guest howe)

Hopwood Avenue - cototn brokers, machinists, butterworth adn murgatroyd cotton spinners, umgeni coffee, sugar and produce of Natal, saul kemp hairdresser, 

Bull's Head Yard- joe bairstow architecht, bulls head inn, lots of cotton spinners, paper ruler, tanner and currier, wine and spiriti merchant, 

Blue Boar Court - tobacconist, hairdresser, william ashman painter, falstaff hotel vaults, stationers, blue boar hotel, slip inn, yarn agents, merchants,

hodsons Court - confectioner, tailor, umbrella maker and hatter.


Sun Entry