Suburban Summer

suburban summer.png

I'll be spending time this summer celebrating the oddities of the suburbs with a new series of articles called Suburban Summer. It's mainly down to one particular house that I had discovered some years back but had soon reached a dead end during the research process and put the idea to bed for a while.

Two years later and I found I was still thinking of my suburban discovery nearly every day, I decided to give the research another shot and I started again with a new approach involving my readers, to see if they could help, and it worked! I'm currently working on the article and it's going to be a lovely nostalgia trip for many of you who grew up in Manchester so stay tuned. 

I'm also looking for suggestions for the rest of the series so please do drop me a line by hitting the email button at the top of the page if you know of any sites of interest across the suburbs of the North West. They can be as obvious as the Toast Rack to a peculiarly shaped post box at the end of your street.