An Urbanist Guide to Manchester

I had my urbanist guide to Manchester published on The Guardian this week, there's still a video to come wherein I discuss how I would run the city if I could for a day. I'm a little stumped right now on how to answer all of that in just one minute but I'll mull it over for a while. What do you think? Take out the bins more often, turn the volume down on Madchester music, open an outdoor pool at Pomona? For now, take a look at my guide and see what you think of my best and worst building.


An Urbanist's Guide to Manchester

As well as having a published piece this week I'm delighted to announce that I've also been shortlisted for the Best City and Neighbourhood blog at the Blog North Awards. Your vote is hugely appreciated. I'm also hugely honoured to be among such great blogs as Food Legend and Clarissa Explains Fuck All.

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Over on the home page I've added a few shots from my week in San Sebastian. Editing down to a dozen is always so hard but I've picked out a selection which highlight the blues and whites of the city - the official city colours, as well as a few extras I couldn't bear to omit including a game of Basque Pelota. 

Other than that I'm busy trying to pull together a new blog post and a new book review, preparing a talk for the exciting new dry bar venture Umbrella Cafe, and at the beginning of next week I'll be starting my new job as City Curator for the National Trust. I can't say how delighted I am to have this on the horizon, thank you to everybody who suggested me for the job and to all my readers who have gotten me to this point over the last three years.