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Guardian of Pomona


My obsession with the strip of wasteland that is Pomona has been picked up by The Guardian and I wrote a piece for them in which I fawn over the land as if a teenager in love.

I understand from the comments that some people don't really get that I can love a strip of land that is also frequented by drug addicts but I guess those people are the ones who get behind things like today's news about demolishing the old Cornerhouse site because, as councillor Kevin Peel put it's "totally impractical for anything other than existing purpose". 

Have some vision, guys! Here, put on my rose-tinted glasses for an afternoon, it's a pretty world out there. 

The article can be found here and I'm so proud to have been asked to contribute to The Guardian. 

UPDATE: A bus interchange and a hotel for the 'intimidating' wasteland