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Sounds From the Other City LTD Edition Brochure

Want to get your hands on a limited edition commemorative brochure for Salford music festival Sounds From the Other City? Sure you do. Well Skyliner is giving 10 of them away. 

The festival will celebrate it's 10th year this May and continues to showcase an eclectic lineup of artists as well as venues.

The idea for these LTD Edition zines came from wanting to do something special to commemorate the wonderful memories of so many people who have attended the festival over the 10 years. We asked 10 artists to recreate their favourite memory of sounds throughout the years and to write a small story to go along with it, artists include people like Rachel Goodyear, Richard Shields and John Powell Jones plus more. We also asked two journalists who have been such supporters of the festival over the years; Jon Ashley & Cath Aubergine. And lastly not forgetting some work from our poster boy David Bailey, who not only is a great illustrator (along with his colleague Lucy Jones) but is a great writer. 

There are only a very small amount of these zines and once they are gone they are gone, they are little birthday presents from us to our supporters. You can find them in independent cafes/bars even hairdressers around Greater Manchester just keep an eye on our twitter for the latest delivery spaces. These LTD edition zines have been hand created in Salford using a riso process print at printed by mono. We are super grateful to all who have supported the festival to make it to its 10 year anniversary and proud of its maintenance of grass roots and so to produce something as beautiful as this zine and have it all created/designed and printed by friends is a true testament to the festival itself. Heres hoping you can get hold of one!

Brochures will be available in a select few locations (including The Spoon Inn, Chorlton) and Skyliner readers can get hold of one by retweeting this article, or emailing theskyliner.org@gmail.com with the subject 'Skyliner from the Other City' and your name. 

Ten winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday 30th April.